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Windy Ridge Farm, located in Bucksport., Maine, was established by Adam and Suzanne Astbury. We were married in 1998 and began raising Belted Galloways here with a cow Adam had purchased the year before. Our herd has continued to expand over the past few years and we now have several brood cows, a herd bull as well as some young stock. We also have three upcoming "herdsmen" -- our sons -- Addison, born February, 2000; Trenton, born September 2001 and Bryant, born October, 2002.

In raising Belted Galloways, our goal is to have deep-bodied animals with wide belts as well as excellent temperaments. We strive to have a herd which is suitable for both beef and show.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments or questions you may have about this wonderful breed!

The Astburys:
Adam & Suzanne
Addison & Trenton

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